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Meet The Duo

Gerard Hobbs

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I have always been fascinated by photo & video because of its capabilities. The thought of being able to document my memories, opened the door to my dream of having my own production company.


I started my pursuit for my passion in Houston, TX, the Summer of 2016, and I have been driven to achieve my goal ever since. Documenting my journey along the way and, immersing myself in the world of photo & video, continuously looking for the next project.


This has been years in the making and has required a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work. Now, I look to travel the world and be able to work with numerous amounts of clients from companies & small business owners to engaged couples.


Something I hold dear to me are the memories I’ve made with my loved ones and I created this company in hopes of helping others document the things that mean the most to them! Propelling them towards their wildest dreams.

Josh Dominguez

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Through my art and creativity, I have always been inspired to share people’s stories. It was important to me that i embodied a story, and a vision in every photo that I took. What inspired me was the connections I made through taking photos.


Through the course of my four years taking photos, I have come across amazing individuals who have impacted my life. Being born and raised in Houston has given me ample opportunities in the community in which I hope to expand further out into.


I aspire to work with clients from multiple platforms, businesses, and companies. My main goal is to achieve the vision that everyone wants. To create art in which resonates with the client, and bring their creativity and image to life.


When I started this journey in 2016, I was determined to work my way up to hopefully start my own company. Today, with this opportunity, I hope to strengthen my abilities in photo, and start my journey onto video as well.


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